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About Cliniify

AI powered clinic management software for
paperless and efficient clinic management operations

Revolutionize healthcare through the power of artificial intelligence. Our cutting-edge clinic management software harnesses the capabilities of AI to provide you with the most advanced, efficient, and personalized healthcare experience available today.


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Dr. Vikram Sharma

As a physician working across multiple clinic locations, Cliniify has become an essential tool for me. It streamlines patient record management and ensures that I have access to up-to-date information regardless of where I'm working. This has greatly improved the quality of care I can provide to my patients.

01 Jan 2023
2478 Reviews
Dr. T. Desai

Cliniify has made my role as a front desk staff member much more manageable. Managing patient appointments and records is a breeze. The reduction in scheduling conflicts has allowed me to focus on providing a more seamless experience for our patients.

12 March 2023
2478 Reviews
Dr. Ankit Patel

Cliniify has significantly boosted our clinic network's efficiency and profitability. Its comprehensive features have streamlined our operations, reducing administrative overhead and errors. We've seen a remarkable improvement in our clinic's financial health, making it an invaluable tool for clinic owners.

21 Feb 2023
2478 Reviews
Dr. Anand Kapoor

The introduction of Cliniify has made my healthcare experience so much smoother. Scheduling appointments is a breeze, and I've noticed a remarkable improvement in the consistency of care I receive across different clinic locations. It's truly a game-changer for patients like me.

29 April 2023
2478 Reviews

Keeping Your Data Secure Is Our Highest Priority

  • Automated Backups
    Automated Backups

    Significantly reduce the risk of permanent data loss, streamline recovery processes, and maintain data integrity

  • Amazon Web Services
    Amazon Web Services

    Organizations can ensure a resilient and efficient IT infrastructure that aligns with modern cloud computing standards

  • 2 Factor Authentication
    2 Factor Authentication

    Add a layer of protection to safeguard sensitive information and ensure secure access to systems and applications

  • IP Whitelisting
    IP Whitelisting

    Add a layer of protection to safeguard sensitive information and ensure secure access to systems and applications

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