Patient-Centric Mobile App

Efficient Patient Management On-the-Go with Cliniify Pro Mobile App.

How it can help you

  • Download the app from the App/Play Store: Obtain the Cliniify Pro Mobile App by downloading it from the App or Play Store.
  • Manage and track patient records: Effectively oversee and monitor all patient records within the app.
  • Handle appointment scheduling: Receive, accept/reject, and schedule appointments conveniently through the app.
  • Analyse clinic reports: Review summarised clinic reports directly from the app.
  • Monitor clinic metrics: Keep tabs on your clinic's income, appointments, and procedures effortlessly.
Patient-Centric Mobile App


Synchronised patient data

Synchronised patient data:

All patient information, appointments, and procedures are seamlessly synchronised within the app.

Real-time updates anywhere, anytime

Real-time updates anywhere, anytime:

Stay consistently updated on clinic activities regardless of your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

The app facilitates the process by allowing you to receive, accept or reject, and schedule appointments conveniently.

Certainly, the app provides the capability to analyse summarised clinic reports.

Yes, the Cliniify Pro Mobile App enables you to keep track of your clinic's income, appointments, and procedures, providing a comprehensive overview of your clinic's performance.

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